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Living & Giving God's Dream

$9.95 each for 1-99 books
$8.95 each for 100 books and up

A ready-to-use curriculum to build volunteer and staff leaders in your church.

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A New You

$3.25 each

A practical book to help new believers in your church get off to a great start in their relationship with Jesus.

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$5.50 each
$4.50 each for 100 books and up

When we agree with what God says about us, our minds are renewed, and our choices and habits improve. Find 25 biblically-based affirmations that will change the way you think and live.

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Grow As A Spiritual Leader

The Church Builder Podcast

The Church Builder Podcast offers pastors and church leaders encouragement in their personal and leadership development throughout the year. Subscribe today to learn how to be strong for long!

Available on: iTunes, Spotify, Overcast, and SoundCloud.